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Tired of eating the same bars over and over?

Want awesome new snacks to try, hand delivered to your door every month?

At Backcountry Fuel, we take pride in constantly finding new snacks with a focus on quality to fuel all of your outdoor adventures. Each month we put together our favorites and send you a box with snacks, meals, and everything you need to make your outdoor adventures that much better.   

Whether you want to try out new products or stock up for a big trip, each box not only introduces you to new products, but also tells you a bit about each company and hooks you up with a discount code for future purchases. This is the subscription box you are going to love to get!

Still not sure?

We know most subscription boxes try to screw you over or lock you in, and you end up paying month after month for garbage. We built this subscription box for us, and with Backcountry Fuel you are more than welcome to cancel at anytime or pause your subscription if you have plenty of snacks. In fact, if you absolutely hate your first box we'll even refund 100% of your box.  

Step 1: Subscribe

Your Backcountry Fuel Box will ship around the 20th of each month. Re-billing occurs on the 5th of each month. Gift boxes that are pre-paid also ship out on the 20th of each month.

Sign up by the 17th of the month to ensure you are included in that month's Backcountry Fuel Box shipment. Otherwise, you may wait upwards of 29 days.  

Step 2: Test Out

Whether in the backcountry or just needing a snack at the office, test out everything in the box. It doesn't matter if your mind has been blown or something tastes like fine aged dirt, we hope you dial in your backcountry nutrition with the box.

There will also be a monthly survey sent to capture some of your thoughts on heroes and zeros from the month previous' box. 

Step 3: Stock Up

Once your mind has been blown by a product, don’t forget to use the exclusive  discount codes included in each box to stock up. That way you save more money on your favorite fuel so you can enjoy your backcountry adventures that much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any troubles with your Backcountry Fuel Box experience, this is the place to go!

Please read through each section and take a good look for the answer to your question, you will likely find the answer here much faster than contacting us directly. If you were unable to find the solution on this page, click Send Us A Message (main menu above) and fill out the questionnaire form. This goes straight to our customer service inbox.

You can update and manage all aspects of your account information and subscriptions through "My Account" once activated. Click here to check out the How-To Guide and Video!

Once registered and logged into your account, click the "Manage Subscription" link. Under the manage dropdown menu, you have the following options:

  • View and Update your Payment Information
  • View and Update your Shipping & Billing Address
  • Add Additional Boxes for Each Month
  • View the Details of your Upcoming Orders
  • View All Transactions
  • Pause/Skip a Month if Needed
  • Cancel
  • Yes. Our system will charge according to your distance from our homebase, Bozeman, MT, USA.
  • You can enter the Promo Code at checkout, the discount will be applied after you click submit. If the code is valid, the discount will be automatically applied and will be reflected in the total.
  • If you already signed up and didn't enter the Promo Code at checkout, you may go into your account and manage your subscription discount code there.
  • There may be future Promo Codes offered that can be applied, so make sure and sign up for our announcement and giveaway email list which is located towards the bottom of the home page!
  • All boxes will be shipped on the 20th, delivery periods will vary based on location but standard shipping takes 3-7 business days.
  • You should receive a confirmation email when your box is shipped, look for this email and use the tracking code to determine if there is an issue with the shipping service.
  • Keep in mind that weekends and holidays may prolong delivery times, so be patient but contact us if you haven't seen your box by the 30th.
  • ALL boxes, including your first box, will ship on the 20th of each month. There is a signup cut-off date the 17th of each month, so if you signed up after the 17th, your first box will be shipped the 20th of the following month. EXAMPLE 1: I signed up April 19th, my first box will ship the 20th of May. EXAMPLE 2: I signed up May 9th, my first box will ship May 20th.
  • Billing: When you first sign up, you will be charged that day or the following. All future monthly transactions will take place the 5th of each month. That said, billing follows the same cut-off schedule as shipping. So if you signed up after the 17th, you will be charged for your initial purchase but will not be charged until the 5th of the month that follows your FIRST box delivery.
  • Keep in mind that weekends and holidays may prolong delivery times, so be patient but contact us if you haven't seen your box by the 30th.
  • FIRST THING TO CHECK: Double check and make sure the email you used for the account created matches the email you entered when you subscribed.
  • SECOND: Check that all your information such as addresses and personal information match exactly to eliminate the easy fix.
  • If you just signed up, this may be due to a delay in the system registration process and doesn't yet recognize you as an active subscriber. It may take until your first box is shipped to activate, or there may be a delay related to the banking systems.
  • You can also check your email for notification emails that may address your problem. If the above listed has been checked and you're still having issues, go to the Contact Us page under the main menu link "I Need Help" or the "Send Us A Message" link in the footer menu. We'll look into the problem and see that it gets addressed.
  • Only being a team of 2 full-timers, we don't have the capacity in subscribers or staff to bring on multiple types of boxes. We order the same products for everyone's box each month.
    We've gotten quite a few inquiries about creating a food allergy-sensitive boxes from folks who don't eat nuts, gluten, dairy, or who are keto and have plans to accommodate eventually but just aren't at that scale yet.