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    Never be snack-less again! 

    Get yourself a monthly supply of high calorie, high energy, lightweight meals and snacks designed for your active lifestyle. With so many great new products always hitting the market.

    Each month you'll get access to exclusive discount codes from each featured vendor in the box so you can stock up and save on the best outdoor adventure fuels available on the market!

    On the 20th of each month, we pack and ship you a box of our favorite hand-selected meals, snacks, energy packs, and bars. Sign up by the 17th to be sure to get your box shipped on your first month!

    Each box is a well-balanced variety of lightweight, high energy, great tasting on-the-go outdoor food products to test out on your next adventure. It's your choice what to do next...You can devour them all at once, test a few and stock up for your next adventure, or share them with your friends (but let's be honest, who wants to do that?). 

    If you want to buy a gift box, check out our prepaid plans here.

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