We have launched the “Bigfoot’s Tell a Friend get Cool Gear Program!” Catchy title huh? We thought of it ourselves! Want to win free kickass gear just for showing your friends all of the awesome snack companies you have found?

Here’s how it works.

Just brag to all of your semi outdoorsy friends about how cool you are being a Backcountry Fuel subscriber and finding all of these cool new brands. When they beg you to join the cool kids club, you’ll give them your super special link you'll create for yourself by clicking the "Bigfoot Club" button in the bottom right. After only one friend signs up for the box, you are on your journey toward getting all kinds of free gear!

That’s right, you only need one friend to join the box and you will get a custom Backcountry Fuel dry bag. From there, follow Bigfoot’s map to acquire more and more awesome gear!

Simple Steps.

Click "Bigfoot Club" button lower right hand corner.

Sign-up for Bigfoot's Club.

Get your PERSONAL referral link.

Share that link with your friends.

One friend sign-up to Backcountry Fuel Box = Free Dry Bag.

Keep getting friends to sign-up get more prizes.

REFER YOUR FRIENDS - WIN GEAR! YES, it’s really that simple!