Step 1: Subscribe

Your Backcountry Fuel Box will ship around the 20th of each month. Re-billing occurs on the 5th of each month. Gift boxes that are pre-paid also ship out on the 20th of each month.

Sign up by the 17th of the month to ensure you are included in that month's Backcountry Fuel Box shipment. Otherwise, you may wait upwards of 29 days.  

Step 2: Test Out

Whether in the backcountry or just needing a snack at the office, test out everything in the box. It doesn't matter if your mind has been blown or something tastes like fine aged dirt, we hope you dial in your backcountry nutrition with the box.

There will also be a monthly survey sent to capture some of your thoughts on heroes and zeros from the month previous' box. 

Step 3: Stock Up

Once your mind has been blown by a product, don’t forget to use the exclusive  discount codes included in each box to stock up. That way you save more money on your favorite fuel so you can enjoy your backcountry adventures that much more!