We are a small team of backcountry hunters, skiers, and outdoor adventurers behind the scenes of the Backcountry Fuel Box. Everyone on the team knows what it's like to choke down a snack that tastes like fine aged dirt molded into bar form, as well as having experienced backpacking into somewhere only to find we didn't bring enough of the right backcountry foods to keep us going for the extended stay. 

We feel your pain when it comes to finding the right foods and drinks for your backpack and we're here to help you dial in your backcountry nutrition the best we can. 

The Team

Cody Rich, Founder & Head Honcho

Cody Rich Packing

Cody started Backcountry Fuel Box to scratch his own itch. He spends 45+ days backcountry hunting each fall in addition to countless other outdoor adventures in the offseason. He was looking for a way to try the new snacks, drinks, goos, and foods coming onto the scene in the outdoor world to help him hone his backcountry nutrition and thought a subscription box that delivered samples each month would be a great way to do so. 

You'll find him an integral part of everything Backcountry Fuel Box does and is usually available to help if you have questions...unless he's elk hunting in September. Check out his podcast, The Rich Outdoors if you're looking for tips, tactics, and strategies for hunting out west.  

Jaden Bales, Marketing & Customer Service Manager

Jaden Bales Ski Photo

Jaden was a listener of Cody's podcast who, because of his enthusiasm for outdoor adventures, jumped at the chance to get on board with Backcountry Fuel Box from the start. Jaden is an avid backcountry skier, hunter, and enjoys backpacking trips to high country lakes in the summer. 

He manages most marketing efforts, helps gather products for the box each month, and is likely the guy you'll hear from if you drop us a line with customer service inquiries. 


Kyle Kamp, Dietitian/Nutritionist

Kyle Kamp Photo
Kyle Kamp is our resident backcountry nutrition expert. He is a registered, licensed dietitian, and owner/operator of Valley 2 Peak Nutrition. Planning nutrition can be quite overwhelming and confusing, so feel free to reach Kyle via email info@v2pnutrition.com or via his Instagram @v2pnutrition
Kyle also joined Cody on The Rich Outdoors Podcast for a deep dive into backcountry nutrition on episode 336. Check it out for a broader conversation about proper nutrition in the backcountry. 

Have some questions, comments or troubles checking out? Give us a holler at info@backcountryfuelbox.com and we'll get you taken care of.