Want to go stoveless and still have amazing food the whole trip? 

We put together a three day trip food list that will not only keep you looking forward to eating every meal, but we managed to stack 3,600 calories into each 2 pound day bag!

If your version of leaving the stove at home involves nothing more than putting a pile of protein bars in your backpack then you aren't living your best life. 

Why go stoveless?

You may be wondering why would anyone go "stoveless"? For many people, they go hiking precisely to enjoy a nice dinner around a fire far from civilization. While we can't argue with that logic, sometime its about covering as many miles as you can. At the end of those long hard days, you may be luck to stuff your face with a calorie dense bar and get all the way into your sleeping bag before you start snoring. 

On the upside, dropping the stove allows you to use less water, shed a couple pounds, and save some space in your pack. 

The Down Side.

On certain days you just can't replace the feeling of a hot meal at the end of the day. Not to mention the sheer joy of cooking a meal in the backcountry. While these are both valid reason, the biggest hurdle that most people can't get over is the whole coffee thing... O yeah, that slight addiction we all have to the delicious brown joe that is our life blood. That little thing... 

While it can be tough to not have your hot cup of coffee there are a few options to get your morning jolt of caffeine. 


We have put together a day by day list with calories included below and we will feature a few products that make this stoveless list worth leaving the JetBoil at home. This list is Simply to give you some ideas and maybe show you some products you haven't seen before. In no way is this the only way to go on a stoveless backpacking trip.

Note: This list was build by Backcountry Fuel Founder Cody Rich and was designed to have a high calorie count. For Cody the stoveless system is best used when covering tons of miles in which extra calories are more important that hot meals. 

In this list we featured Packit Gourmet's cold water entrées. These pair well with tortillas for a delicious wrap. The other huge benefit of these entrées is that they use only 2-4 ounces of water to hydrate allowing you to use far less water. 

It is important to keep very high calorie per ounce foods when considering stoveless trips. It can be easy to make up for the weight of the stove just in calories added to replace a large freeze-dried meal. In this case the goal was to add about 600 calories per day above the standard 3000 calories while also keeping the net weight under 2 pounds per day. 


 Food Ideas

For breakfast we went with Off Grid Food Co and their Predator Fuel. This is a very high calorie option that is both delicious and designed for performance. These breakfasts are great cold as well as hot and the compact size is great for backpacking. 

As noted above dinner on this trip is from Packit Gourmet. We went with their cold water entrées and threw in some tortillas to make up some delicious wraps. 

Lunch is made up of three great options of meal replacement bars. Day 1 we have a Greenbelly Meal, day 2 is a Big Sur bar, and day 3 we will be testing out the new Range Meal Bar. 

Amazon links to listed snacks:

Picky Bars

Trail Mix


Honey Stinger Chews

Pili Nuts

The Ugly Co

Strike Force Energy


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