Top 10 Backcountry Foods of 2018

Each month, Backcountry Fuel Box subscribers lend feedback on the products they received from their subscription. These subscribers are constantly pushing themselves in the backcountry and seeking better ways to keep their bodies fueled on adventures.

We compiled all of their feedback from 2018 to create this list of the top 10 backcountry foods based on average ratings by our subscribers.

1. Off Grid Food Co.: Blueberry & Cashew Off Trail Mix - 4.37 Stars

This new take on an old favorite for the backcountry takes top honors of the best backcountry food in 2018. One comment sums it up nicely, “this was honestly the best trail mix I've ever had.” The Off Grid Food Co. folks are cranking out incredible backcountry foods and shouldn’t be overlooked when packing for your next adventure.

2. Honey Stinger: Fruit Smoothie Energy Chews - 4.34 Stars

As with most energy chews, these pack a quick punch of sugar, but by using organic honey and tapioca syrup. This assortment of bite-sized chews will help you finish your run or get you back to the trailhead. Honey Stinger's delicious flavor and consistency won’t leave you sucking down extra water and should definitely be considered in your backcountry food kit.

3. Peak ReFuel: Breakfast Skillet - 4.28 Stars

There’s a reason the breakfast skillet was given 4.28 stars by Backcountry Fuel Box subscribers. The freeze-dried meals by Peak ReFuel are a stellar combination of calories per pouch and great flavor, as is definitely the case with the breakfast skillet. Though it’s generally known as a morning meal, these skillets taste just as good right before bed. Check them out if you’re looking for new meals to add to your backpack.

4. Untapped: Maple Waffle - 4.27 Stars

These individually wrapped stroopwaffles are made from New England syrup and were fan-favorites in the November Backcountry Fuel Box. Careful not to crush them at the bottom of your bag or you will have a package of waffle crumbs, but they will be delicious waffle crumbs nonetheless. Untapped waffles are made by athletes, for athletes, and are great sources of energy no matter the adventure.

5. GreenBelly: Cranberry Meal - 4.23 Stars

One subscriber described GreenBelly Meals as such, "I love them because I can just throw one in my pack and I don’t need water or a stove to heat them up." They pack 600+ calories in a nutritional bar that tastes great. If you’re feeling like going lighter in the backcountry or just want to add some convenience while maximizing calories, give these a shot.

6. Righteous Felon Craft Jerky: Chipotle Guevara - 4.21 Stars

Righteous Felon Craft Jerky's Chipotle Guevara is a great example of a mildly-spiced but flavor-packed jerky. As one Backcountry Fuel Box subscriber put it simply, "High quality, great taste.” That quality and taste is exactly why folks enjoyed this jerky and that it received the number 6 spot in all the backcountry food we featured in 2018.

7. Heather's Choice: Black Espresso Packaroon’s - 4.20 Stars

Some may claim Heather’s Choice packaroons have an addictive quality to them. Though folks with a coconut aversion usually don’t agree, these packaroons are a great way to get quick, tasty calories in the backcountry. They’re packaged to eat one then seal up the second packaroon for later, but that second one rarely makes it to the end of the day.

8. Untapped: Coffee Waffle - 4.19

The close relative to the original Maple Waffle, Untapped adds real coffee beans to this waffle treat to give you a jolt of caffeine while on the go. Based on feedback from our subscribers, these were another delicious energy waffle, even edging out some classics.

9. Tahoe Trailbar: Peanut Butter Chocolate - 4.18 Stars

One subscriber commented, "At this point, I was thinking all these bars suck, but the peanut butter chocolate was surprisingly good.” They had to be fairly tasty to receive a 4.18-star rating from respondents. This is the original recipe containing chocolate chunks and peanut butter that started it all for Tahoe Trailbars and might be a great changeup in your energy bar lineup.

10. Clif Bloks: Tropical Punch - 4.17 Stars

Tried and true, Clif Bloks have accompanied athletes and backcountry adventurers for a long time. They’ve got a little caffeine to accompany the organic tapioca and dried cane syrup and are light enough to be the go-to energy boost mid-climb. If you haven’t tried adding some energy chews like these in the backcountry, you might want to.

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