The Best Backcountry Fuel of 2019

Over the course of 2019, we asked Backcountry Fuel subscribers to tell us what they thought of all the products in the Backcountry Fuel Box. There were over 120 items people received over the course of the year and these are what they voted as their favorites. 

1. Honey Stinger: Caramel Stroopwaffles - 4.59/5.0

Always a fan favorite, stroopwaffles are a thin layer of honey sandwiched between two thin waffles. Whatever your activity may be, with its lower glycemic index, honey gives you the quick, steady energy you need to perform at your best, without the spikes and crashes you get from other simple sugars. Honey Stinger is easy on the stomach, which matters that much more when the miles are piling up. These are a staple in the backcountry and for dang good reason. 

2. Kuju Coffee: Pour Over Single Serve Coffee - 4.33/5.0

Kuju Coffee is the maker of the Pocket PourOver® - a single-serve pour-over coffee with specialty-grade and fair-trade, organic coffee grounds inside, so you can brew delicious pour-over wherever your tent view takes you. After debuting in 2016, Kuju quickly became the go-to choice for adventurers who yearned for delicious pour-over coffee that was easy to brew. Featured in the September 2019 Backcountry Fuel Box, this was the highest-rated drink of the year and super popular with some hardcore backpackers, like our friend Ryan Lampers of Hunt, Harvest, Health.

3. Wicked Cutz: Original Peppered Beef Stick - 4.30/5.0

As one subscriber put it plainly, “these things are MONEY!”  Wicked Cutz was started by world champion bodybuilder, Branch Warren, whose forefathers were Texas cattlemen. The folks at Wicked Cutz carry on that good old Texas beef tradition with time-honored bold recipes in their jerky and snack sticks. You rip open that plastic sleeve to a snack straight out of Lone Star heaven. Pro tip: For those who like a little spice in their life - check out their Volcanic Jalapeno flavors.

4. Trailtopia Triple Berry Crisp - 4.29/5.0

Most hardcore backpackers would not opt for the weight penalty of a backcountry dessert - that is until you tried the Trailtopia Triple Berry Crisp. It was one of the Backcountry Fuel team’s favorites, as well as clearly a fan favorite with subscribers. Again, ounce counters might wince, but when comfort food is of interest, this combination of sweet and tart fruit crisp would make Grandma proud and should be at the top of your pack list. 

5. Bite Fuel: Chocolate Chip Cookies - 4.24/5.0

Bite Fuel Chocolate Chip Cookies are an excellent diversion from the usual protein bars without containing all the junk that normally makes folks leary about packing too many cookies into the backcountry. They’re made with 18 grams of whey protein and no trans fats and low cholesterol – all an upgrade from the average cookie. Plus these bad boys are soft-baked, so they won’t crumble too much in your pack. What’s not to love? 

6. ProBar: Whole Berry Blast Meal Bar - 4.23/5.0

If you’re looking for an easy-to-eat and flavorful meal replacement bar, the 370 calorie whole berry blast meal bar tastes great and won’t leave you chugging down water like some other high-calorie bar options. ProBar and all of their products are great for the backcountry but they just got a new facelift, so you might need to take a second look to find them at your favorite sporting goods stores and REI. 

7. Bob's Red Mill: Peanut Butter and Jelly Bar - 4.19/5.0

Bob’s Red Mill has been known for making great baking ingredients, so it seems natural their new bar option that combines their famous oats, real peanut butter, and honey is a winner. Unlike a lot of new bars featured on this list, these are available in quite a few big box stores, like Walmart or Target. They don’t break the bank at under $2 per bar, which is hard to find in a quality bar. 

8. Battle Bars: Full Battle Rattle (FBR) - 4.17/5.0

Battle Bars are flat out tasty. They’ve got creamy milk chocolate on the outside with an authentic toasted marshmallow and graham cracker inside that provides a taste and texture that's vastly different than what you'd expect from your usual granola bar. The Full Battle Rattle contains caffeine and BCAA's for a powerful energy kick, as well. They formulated it specifically to provide increased performance and energy, less fatigue and faster recovery. All these make up a recipe for success in your backpack. 

9. Munk Pack: Protein Cookies - 4.16/5.0

Protein cookies from Munk Pack were a hit in the February 2019 box, and much like Bob’s Red Mill bars, these are some of the easier to find snacks for the backcountry featured in the Backcountry Fuel Box. A great chewy taste, no sugar alcohols, no gluten, no soy, no dairy and no eggs, these cookies are another solid option if you want to shake things up from granola bars in your pack.

10. Taos Bakes: Pecan Praline + Maple Syrup Bars - 4.09/5.0

One look at Taos Bakes bars and you can see exactly what is going into your body. Regarding the Pecan Praline and Maple Syrup bar, it includes a healthy dose of energy-rich almonds and local pecans that are rounded out with maple syrup, honey, and a dash of cinnamon all baked on one big sheet and hand-cut into bar form. Taos creates a ton of excellent flavors of their baked bars, so if you try and like this one, you will probably enjoy many more. We expect these bars to show up in many folks' food lists in 2020.

Want to get in on the awesome adventure snacks, meals, and drinks in 2020? Go get yourself a monthly subscription to Backcountry Fuel Box to have snacks like these delivered directly to your door every month!
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