Inside the Backcountry Fuel Box - MAY 2018

Featured Vendors In the May Box

We are hunters. We are gatherers. We are fishermen, adventurers and explorers. We opt for a deeper sole to soul connection to our food and where it comes from. We are Off Grid Food Company and we are here to #FUELTHEHUNT.
Predator Fuel - Strawberry Mango: Our staple breakfast. Hot, fast, fuel. Organic & Gluten free oats, dehydrated strawberry, mango, almonds, organic powdered milk & 100% grass-fed whey protein powder all lightly sweetened with maple sugar to make this far from your average oatmeal. Made for the backcountry!
Beef Jerky - Original: Our own soy and gluten-free original beef jerky recipe. Features a paleo-friendly base, natural spices, and natural sweeteners with a touch of heat. As always, low sodium, clean ingredients, and ready to keep you fueled.
FishSki Provisions provides comfort food with adventurous flavors to inspire bolder living. There is nothing better than a long day fly fishing, running a river, backpacking to a high mountain lake, or skiing fresh powder followed by sharing a wholesome, healthy - usually a little spicy-  interesting easy dinner with friends and family. Our mac and cheese is made with GMO-Free pasta and peppers, real cheese, and the best Hatch Chile. It’s portable and packable to take with you as a camping recipe on your next adventure (unlike the typical boxed mac and cheese). We hope our foods inspire you to eat more adventurously and be more adventurous. At least 1% of every sale is donated to conservation and recreational access. Current FishSki sales are supporting stream restoration efforts by the Boulder FlyCasters Chapter of Trout Unlimited.
Hatch Red Chile: Macaroni and cheese with cheddar, red chile, garlic, and bell peppers. A mild meal full of Hatch chile flavor. To make our mac and cheese all you need to do is boil 2 cups of water with the pasta and peppers. When all the water is absorbed, add the cheese and spice mix and stir vigorously.
Hatch Green Chile: Macaroni and cheese with cheddar, Hatch green chiles, and garlic. A medium spicy delight, full of Southwestern flavor.
To make our mac and cheese all you need to do is boil 2 cups of water with the pasta and peppers. When all the water is absorbed, add the cheese and spice mix and stir vigorously.
Feeling inspired by Oregon's connection to the land and his own passion for adventure, Jason Pastega put his favorite organic ingredients into a kitchen mixer and spread his first bars with a rolling pin in 2008. Six months later, Skout Backcountry was born. Today, Skout retains an unrelenting commitment to sourcing the best ingredients from the best places on earth, starting with their own backyard - Portland, Oregon. The incredibly simple amount of ingredients that go into each bar are a source of pride for Skout Backcountry, Jason Pastega and the individuals that make it all work behind the scenes. 
Organic Energy Bar - Chocolate: Born in the Pacific Northwest, Skout Backcountry’s plant-based expedition food provides powerful, organic nutrition. Organic dates and organic pumpkin seeds are the superfoods that deliver antioxidant power & sustained low glycemic fuel.
Organic Roasted Pumpkin Seeds - Pink Himalayan Sea Salt: Discover the irresistible crunch and delicious blends inspired by nature. Our Oregon-grown organic pumpkin seeds come straight from a local family farm (thanks to Pete and Tom) located in the rich fertile soils of the Willamette Valley.
Organic Protein Bar - Peanut Butter: Where’s your protein coming from? In Skout's protein bars you'll find 10 grams of delicious plant-based protein from whole organic pumpkin seeds!
Big Sur Bars are our freshly baked natural snack bars with high quality ingredients. We don’t add any additives, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives to give them an everlasting shelf life. They are real and taste delicious! Each bar looks as delicious as it tastes.
The Original: The Original Big Sur Bar is a layered hearty bar with a touch of sweetness. It has a chewy oatmeal bottom and a thick, crunchy, delicious mix of pecans, almonds, raisins, coconut, semi-sweet chocolate chips, brown sugar and honey for the top.
Regardless of your goal, Wilderness Athlete has the right products to fuel your path! Whether it's pace-setting high performance, rock solid foundational health, fuel for the hunt, or fat burning metabolism you are after, we can dial you in with the right products for the journey.
Hydrate and Recover - Strawberry Pomegranate: Wilderness Athlete Hydrate & Recover® is the latest generation of sports drinks, incorporating all the current science related to rehydrating and refueling your muscles to meet the demands of physical activity. By replenishing the broad array of nutrients that are consumed during exercise, and by refilling fluid “reservoirs,” Hydrate & Recover keeps your body and brain fueled for increased endurance and ready to meet the next challenge.* Gluten Free
Energy & Focus - Tropical Fusion: Wilderness Athlete Energy & Focus is a notably different type of energy drink, uniquely formulated to feed the energy producing mechanisms in the body while boosting mental clarity and increasing physical output. Originally developed for professional, Olympic®, and other elite athletes, Energy & Focus is the healthy, effective alternative to “cult” canned and bottled products, and is now available to the athlete in each of us.* Gluten -Free
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