Inside the Backcountry Fuel Box - August 2018

Featured Vendors in the August Box

Wild Zora

Paleo Meals to Go - One Breakfast & One Dinner Meal

We all deserve a healthy alternative to all the sugary, high-carb snacks on the market.
At Wild Zora, we believe we can be in control of our diet and energy levels, eat healthier, and be happier!

In early 2011 our family started to learn about Gluten-Free, Paleo, and Primal food. We just didn’t feel good about feeding the typical sugary, grain-filled snacks on the market to our kids! When we’re hungry, our bodies crave lasting energy: something substantial, savory, and nutritious. Nothing on the market lived up to that standard. At home, we always considered meat AND vegetables a complete meal. So we started to mix and dehydrate 100% grass-fed beef from a local rancher along with fresh vegetables from our garden.  We discovered that we could make super tasty meat and veggie snacks that our family really enjoyed!

Four years after launching our first products, Zora met Dawn Anderson, Co-Founder of Paleo Meals To Go at a networking group in Northern Colorado for women entrepreneurs. It didn’t take long to discover there was a lot of synergy regarding our company goals and missions: we were a small, family business making dehydrated snacks from real meat & vegetables -- they were a small family business making dehydrated whole meals from real meat & vegetables. Partnering with Paleo Meals to Go was an obvious choice when we decided to expand our product line; their commitment to using only real food ingredients with no added chemicals or preservatives aligned perfectly with our mission and our existing customer base. So in early 2018 Wild Zora acquired Paleo Meals To Go, and now together we’re providing healthy, tasty, and convenient snacks AND meals to consumers across the country.


Green Belly 

3 X THE NUTRITION OF AN ENERGY BAR. Goodbye subpar 200 calorie bars. Each Greenbelly Meal pouch contains two meal bars that provide a whopping 650 calories AND a completely balanced nutritional profile. As in 33% of your Daily Nutrition for six core nutrients: Calories, Carbs, Protein, Sodium, Fats and Fiber. 

FASTER AND LIGHTER. Weighing in approx 5.5 oz, these things will keep you full while you crush miles. A truly ready-to-eat meal and a non-cook backpacking food staple. Just tear open and eat. These babies are good to-go. Travel light and save time my friend.

Green Belly Meals 2 Go - Cranberry Almond: All natural, fresh ingredients and nothing funky. A light and fluffy texture with whole chunks of fruits and nuts. Greenbelly Meals are gluten free and designed to be light on your stomach. Might we add that they were formulated by a French trained culinary chef and taste rather heavenly?


Gorilly Goods

We support all things cleanly grown, fairly traded, sustainable and full of nutrients. Soaking our nuts and seeds charges their energy and brings them to their full potential to nourish. Low-temp dehydrating creates the crunch while maintaining the integrity of the vital nutrients. The high quality ingredients sourced from top certified organic growers around the world make going for an extra handful, easy, and smart.

Coast - Sweet Curry Cashew: Sweet curry seasoned sprouted cashews, raisins and coconut. Crunchy, nutrient-dense, and crave-able. Features: Certified Organic - Certified Paleo - Vegan - Raw - Gluten/Grain Free - Soaked/Sprouted & Activated Nuts 

Forest - Dark Chocolate Fruit & Nut: A crunchy, chunky snack of organic tree nuts and fruit, covered in 70% dark chocolate. Features: Certified Organic - Certified Paleo - Vegan - Raw - Gluten/Grain Free - Soaked/Sprouted & Activated Nuts 


Bonk Breaker

Bonk Breaker® Nutrition products embody a whole foods philosophy of creating simple, high quality, REAL food ingredients into great tasting bars, chews, and hydration products that provide both a delicious snack and a competitive edge to fuel the active lifestyle. Made with 10-12 REAL ingredients that you can recognize and pronounce, all Bonk Breaker® products are Gluten Free. Most importantly, they taste delicious!

Bonk Breaker® Nutrition Bars and Chews fuel top professional, Olympic, and elite level teams and athletes around the world.  Just as importantly though, we’re the fuel of choice for weekend warriors, families, and anyone looking for a tasty and nutritious snack.

Energy Chews - Strawberry: Did you say caffeine?! Our Strawberry Energy Chews are packed with 240mg of vital electrolytes and 100mg of caffeine from all-natural white-tea sources, giving you a much-needed kick to power your workout or get you through those afternoon meetings. The Strawberry Energy Chews are clean, easily digestible, great tasting burst of energy with 200% of your Vitamin C daily value in one packet. Just as you’d expect, our Strawberry Energy Chews are made with non-GMO, REAL ingredients that are Gluten Free, Soy Free, & Dairy Free.

Real Hydration - Wolfberry: To catch the wolf…you’ve got to hydrate like the wolf! Our NEW Wolfberry with Pomegranate takes hydration mixes to the next level. Wolfberry Real Hydration is made with REAL fruit rich in antioxidants including wolfberries (aka goji berries), pomegranate, and blueberries and other natural ingredients. Our Wolfberry Real Hydration Drink Mix’s 700mg of electrolytes per 20g and rocket-fuel nutritional profile is sure to quench your thirst, replace what you sweat out, and give you the balanced delivery of carbs you need to fuel your journey. Wolfberry Real Hydration is made with non-GMO, REAL ingredients that are Certified Organic, Gluten Free & Dairy Free.

Real Hydration - Lemon Lime: Thirsty? The subtle sweetness of real organic Lemons and Limes packed with 700mg of electrolytes per 20g is a game changer for hydration. Lemon-Lime Real Hydration is made with REAL fruit, all-natural, and certified organic ingredients. In fact, the first word on our ingredient label is “organic”. We’re pretty sure no one else can make that claim! Our Lemon-Lime Real Hydration Drink mix combines incredible, real food flavors with a rocket-fuel nutritional profile that is sure to quench your thirst, replace much needed electrolytes, and give you the balanced delivery of carbs you need to fuel your journey. As with all our products here at Bonk Breaker, Lemon-Lime Real Hydration is made with non-GMO, REAL ingredients that are Certified Organic, Gluten Free & Dairy Free.

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Greg Biggs September 12, 2018

This box was pretty tasty. I especially was impressed by the greenbelly meal bar, it filled me up and gave me a lot of energy while hunting throughout the day. The energy chews and drink were my least favorite, while not bad in flavor, just not something I need or think is an essential, that proper hydration and actual food cannot take care of. The gorilly goods snacks were good, although not filling enough nor was the serving size very big. The wild zora meals I got were fairly good, however I do not regularly eat flax seed, so the breakfast meal was a bit different in taste and texture compared to granola. Looking forward to my next box, hopefully with more food items and less hydration or energy chews.

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