Inside the Backcountry Fuel Box - April 2019

Discover the products featured in the April Backcountry Fuel Box, curated by longtime backpack hunter and president of Kifaru International, Aron Snyder.

Peak Refuel

Chicken Alfredo Pasta

Peak Refuel prides themselves on quality and making sure all ingredients in their meals meet extremely high standards. Peak Refuel meals also require less water to cook or rehydrate than most of the outdoor meals on the market. Less water to pack in or filter = happy hikers.

Wilderness Athlete

Hydrate and Recover Packets

Regardless of your goal, Wilderness Athlete has the right products to fuel your path! Whether it’s pace-setting high performance, rock solid foundational health, fuel for the hunt, or just fat burning metabolism that you are after, we can dial you in with the right products for the journey..

Green Belly Meals

Peanut Apricot Meal2Go

Goodbye subpar 200 calorie bars. Each Greenbelly Meal pouch contains two meal bars that provide a whopping 650 calories AND a completely balanced nutritional profile. Weighing in approx 5.5 oz, these things will keep you full while you crush miles. It’s truly a ready-to-eat meal and a stoveless backpacking staple.

Cowboy Crickets

Chocolate Chirp Cookie

Cowboy Cricket products are 100% Achetadomesticus (common house cricket) farmed by our network of partner farmers. As parents, the owners James and Kathy Rolin knew they had to develop a product that would be approachable and tasty. The Chocolate Chirp Cookie was born and has been loved by many ever since.

Off Grid Food Co.

Blue Raz Predator Fuel 

Off Grid Food Company’s products were born from the countless nights in the wilderness we call our second home. Our goal is to create the premier line of hand-crafted foods, from real, source-focused ingredients, for all of your hunts, scouting trips, fishing trips, or regular backcountry adventures.

Dark Timber Coffee Company

Mt. Baker Mocha Vapor Packs

Dark Timber Coffee Co. hand selects every lot of green coffee that they sell. Their rigorous selection methods ensure that they have the best 100% specialty quality Arabica green coffee they can get our hands on. They also donate 10% of each sale to a conservation organization of your choice! Give ‘em a shot.

Protein Pucks

The Original – The Second One – The Green Puck

Loaded with fiber & iron from natural ingredients, Protein Puck is perfect for integrating into your daily diet, whether you’re trying to eat healthily, lose weight, build muscle or fuel your next exploration. They pride themselves on a superior taste, clean ingredients, convenient packaging, and a product that is sure to satisfy every craving or hunger.

Justin’s Peanut Butter

Classic Cashew Butters

I’m not a doctor, and I’ve never played one on TV, but I can certify with total assurance that just two scoops of this Classic Cashew Butter have been known to cure excessive hunger, chronic deficiency of tastiness, and suppressive cashewbutterosis, to name a few. Consider this your prescription. - Justin, M.D. (Make-believe Doctor).

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