Featured Fuel: Pili Hunters

Pili Hunters was founded after Jason Thomas, Alaskan-raised mountain guide and expedition leader made a fateful kite surfing trip to the Island of Luzon in the Philippines and came across the Earth's highest fat nut: the Pili Nut. Armed with his pickup truck, Ol’ Blue, and a backpack full of pili nuts, he returned to the U.S. and started sharing it along the West Coast. After quickly selling out of this exotic new nut, he knew he was on to something special and returned to the Philippines to establish a stronger relationship with the local suppliers.

Each nut is hand-harvested from pili trees grown in the wild Filipino rain forest under the shadow of nearby volcanoes. The rich soil lends to the extraordinarily high mineral content found in each nut and after harvesting, the nuts are individually hand-shucked, soaked and sprouted to make these nutrients more bioavailable. As the original purveyor of sprouted pili nuts to the United States, The Pili Hunters team believes that food should be in as close to its natural, wild state as possible; every bag of Pili Hunters Nuts and packet of Expedition Pili Butter are better than organic, they’re wild. They’re packed with healthy, satiating fats, and provide an abundant source of magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and manganese with every bite, making them a perfect fuel source for long adventures and perfect for the keto traveler.  #FindYourExpedition

Pili Hunters products were featured in the March 2019 Backcountry Fuel Box.

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